Thursday, June 30, 2016

10 Days Out

It’s getting so close, I can hardly contain my excitement. I spend last Saturday with the Austin Mini Cooper Car Club at Eurocharged Performance ATX. They were offering a special on the dyno and I succumbed to the peer pressure after watching the others get tested. Even a Classic, which got 60 HP, by the way. AMCCC had a bit of a competition so I wanted to see where Snoopy fell in the group. Since Snoopy is 5 years old (and now fully paid off) and fully stock parts, I was curious how it’d perform. Snoopy placed pretty solidly in the middle of the pack with 178 HP and 209 TQ. Not too shabby! I think the new stickers might have added a few extra horses. :)

MINI USA posted the route sheets so I’ll be embedding the maps into the pages as we go so you can follow along! I’m excited about all of the small towns we’ll be passing through and the pit-stops that they have arranged for us.

And, today, thanks to a generous donation, my Feeding America fundraising is over $200! I’m at 41% of my $500 goal. Thanks to everyone that has contributed already - a little goes a long way - each donation provides up to 11 meals for people that food insecure. So even $5 provides at 50 meals! See the Feeding America link to the right for more details.

This time next week, I’ll be heading to New Orleans!

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