Saturday, July 9, 2016

Day One - Atlanta

Arriving at the Atlanta Motor Speedway this morning was a like a kid coming downstairs on Christmas morning. I couldn't wait to get going! We missed some of the early morning festivities because of a slight misunderstanding of the times for the event, but we we made to make a lap around the track. I've checked the video and it's great - I just need to cut it down to a manageable size before I can post it. I'll make an announcement when it's up. But the lap! It was so great! Since we were in the back there was plenty of space between cars but I still couldn't open Snoopy up as much as I wanted. I topped out at 65 but it was still really fun!

The drive through Georgia was fun. Since we were towards the back, the people we passed along the way were out and ready to wave. We stopped in Sparta for lunch (Subway) and were wished safe travels by the locals inside. They were all very interested in the trip and thought the cars were neat. I think we really overwhelmed these towns as we passed through.

Because of our later start, we were later to the Surprise & Delight in Ridgeway, SC. The line wrapped around the Tea Room's building and it was a little too sunny (I know, what a hardship) to wait outside. We opted to motor on to our hotel in Charlotte. Our hotel was close to the evening event location - the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

We ran into a bunch of the friends we've made along the way and I learned a lot about NASCAR. The museum has some hand's on exhibits where you can test your skills as race driver and that really shows you how difficult it is. And the team work that is involved to keep the cars running. I have a new respect for NASCAR.

Along the route, Snoopy rolled 73,000 miles - we've been keeping track of the mileage but forgot to check the end today. I'll add a table when I get a chance.

Today's Route:

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